Brochure Fundraising

Why use traditional brochures to fundraising?

  • Your organization will make 40% proceeds with our traditional brochure fundraiser. 
  • There is not a minimum order requirement. 
  • Your organization gets to keep your proceeds upfront.
  • Using brochures and the door-to-door method of fundraising has a higher return rate than other methods used to raise money.
  • For Youth Organizations it provides the opportunity to improve social skills and instill hard work.


How does our traditional brochures work?

After you have applied and been accepted you will receive...

  1. An introductory email and phone call from us going over in greater detail your fundraiser.  We will provide documentation outlining how the fundraiser process works and answer any questions you may have.

  2. About 10 days before your fundraiser start date we will send you a "Fundraising Packet" that will include brochures and Bath Sorbet Order Forms that will be distributed to everyone selling.

  3. After your fundraising program has ended you will fill out a Final Tally Order Form and send to us along with the proceeds. 

  4. Once we receive the final tally and proceeds we will begin processing your order and getting it ready for shipment.  Lead times for fulfillment depend on the size of the order, but typically we are ready to ship your order within 14-21 days.

  5. Once you receive your order you will distribute the products to your team members and/or the end consumer.  After this step your fundraiser is considered complete and finalized.


To get started raising money for your organization today just Apply Here!