In-Store Fundraising

Why do In-Store fundraising?

  • Your organization will make 20% proceeds with our In-Store fundraising program. 
  • There is not a minimum order requirement. 
  • Higher average order total for each participant.
  • Your participants will get to see and smell all of our products in person, creating a better overall experience.


How does our In-Store fundraising program work?

After you have applied and been accepted you will receive...

  1. An introductory email and phone call from us going over in greater detail your fundraiser.  We will provide documentation outlining how the fundraiser process works and answer any questions you may have.

  2. We will schedule a date for an in-store fundraiser

  3. We will email three days to one week before the start date with your Back-Office portal log-in, and code information.

  4. Customers will come in store and supply the code at check out.

  5. Once the in store fundraiser has ended, we will supply a check for 20% up to one week after completion.


To get started raising money for your organization today just Apply Here!