Can we do multiple fundraising programs at the same time?

~ Absolutely!   You have the ability to run your Brochure program in conjunction with an Online    program, or run all three programs at the same time if you’d like.


Can we extend our fundraiser?

~Please call or email to verify so we can accommodate your dates on our calendar. 


How long is the selling period?

~We typically allow two weeks to one month of selling. Extended fundraising times decrease profit due to lack of interest.


Do we charge sales tax?

~In-store and online purchases will have sales tax applied, the brochure forms do not charge sales tax. 


Who do we write checks to?

~It is easiest for all checks to be made out to the organization. At the end of your fundraiser, a check for 70% can be made out to Bath Sorbet so you are able to keep the 30% up front.


Is there a way to keep track of each person's profits online?

~Due to only one code per organization, we request that customers include the sellers name in the notes at check out. Please let our fundraiser manager know you are needing to keep track of this information and they will supply you a list of sellers and their totals at the end of your fundraiser.


When will we receive brochures and order forms?

~We will prepare your packet two weeks before your start date to either be shipped or picked up in store.


What is included in the fundraising packet?

~Brochures, order forms, a final tally sheet, and a fundraising information letter.


How long do brochure fundraisers take to process?

~We will only begin to process an order once we have received payment. Please allow up to 21 days for your order to be completed.