Adult Bath Bombs

Our Adult Bath Bombs are not only pretty, they are packed with wonderful skin loving ingredients! Simply drop in your bath and sit back and watch as it fizz, spins, floats and produces an amazing aroma that will take over your entire room! Each bath bomb...

Bath Truffles

These luxurious Bath Truffle Scoops are made with Cocoa, Kokum and Mango Butters and will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.  Just drop in your bath and watch as they melt and fizz.  The scent will fill the entire room!Ingredients:...

Bubbly Bars

These Reusable Bubbly Bars are a must try!  Simply use underneath running water to create as little or as many bubbles as you desire.  Gently agitate the water to fluff the bubbles or turn on jets to create bubbles galore!  Set it aside to...

Kid "Surprise" Bath Bombs

Our Kid Surprise Bombs will have your kids begging to take a bath!  They are not only pretty, they are packed with wonderful skin loving ingredients and contain a fun toy!  Simply drop in your bath and sit back and watch as it fizz, spins,...

Salt Soaks

Our Salt Soaks are meant to help relax and detoxify.  The combination of both sea salts and Epsom salts, make these the ultimate bathing product.  Just sprinkle in the desired amount to your bath water for it to fizz and foam.Also try our...

Shave Soaps

Our Premium Shave Soaps have a creamy lather that is ideal for shaving.  It is fortified with Pure Argan Oil, Silk Protein and Honey Protein, which allow it to help moisturize and pamper while you shave!Ingredients:  Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol,...

Shower Soufflés

This 3-in-1 is an airy, creamy soufflé that will exfoliate, cleanse and leave your skin super soft and moisturized.  Gently lather up the souffle with your fingertips on a sponge or directly onto your skin.Ingredients:  Glycerin, Water,...

Shower Steamers

Say goodbye to boring showers with these Shower Steamers!  Similar to a bath bomb but for your shower, these will soothe your senses and turn your shower time into an aromatherapy experience. Directions For Use: For the best effect, do not place...

Wax Tarts

We created the very best fall scents that are the perfect blends for your house!

Whipped Sugar Scrubs

Our Whipped Sugar Scrub is everything you could want in a scrub!  Not only is it a sugar scrub but it is also a moisturizing soap!  Use it in the bath or shower and it will leave your skin feeling amazing and refreshed. Ingredients: ...